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The hues of green Moissanite somewhat changes between the bright light of day and the warm indoor lamps though in both light, it retains its lively nuances.  For centuries green has been the symbol of wealth, spring, freshness and of fertility.  This color conveys harmony, love of nature and the elemental joy of life. Green Moissanite gladdens the eye with its vivid sparkle.


If your desired carat weight or measurements are not available in our website, please email us at  We can cut and customize any shapes and sizes for you.  Wholesale discount available for stores, jewelers, jewelry designers and students.


7mm Premium Fancy Vivid Green Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Loose

  • Color:  Fancy Vivid Green

    Carat Weight:  1.26carats

    Clarity:  VVS1

    Cut:  Excellent

    Dimensions:  7 mm

    Shape:  Round Brilliant Cut

    Moissanite is the best diamond alternative out in the market today.  Provide a better price alternative to your customers and grow your profitability today.  Set up your wholesale account by emailing us at

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