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GSA is a leading Moissanite manufacturer and distributor based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.  We cater to national and international gemstone wholesalers, retail jewelry stores, and jewelry designers.

We are not only dedicated to providing the best price and service to our customers but we are also committed to environmental responsibility throughout our gemstone and jewelry production processes.  We look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint to prevent environmental contaminants from being released to our forests and waterways and protect our ecosystem.  Our company has over 10 years of experience in the wholesale gemstone industry and employs the best and most efficient and professional cutters with over 3 decades of experience who can deliver Moissanite stones with exceptional cut and polish.   All GSA Moissanites are grown in our laboratory and guaranteed to be ethical and conflict-free.

What makes GSA Moissanite's quality different from China and India made Moissanite?

The ability to realize the best single crystal SiC ingot or boule where Moissanite comes from is largely controlled by its materials’ purity as well as its structural characteristics.  Growing SiC boule is carried out by the seeded sublimation process or physical vapor transport, a physical vaporizing method which bypasses the liquid phase of the compound’s forming sequence making single crystal SiC growth technically challenging and time-consuming.


Chinese and Indian Moissanite laboratories are growing their boules using a shorter growing process from the standard of 12 to 15 weeks to just 3 to 4 weeks producing a much lower density ingots that allow a slew of defect formations such as micropipes, polytype inclusions, crystallographic and surface defects.  

While the brilliance of Moissanite may not be affected by the length of the boule’s growing process, a shorter growing period induces a much weaker substrate that converts into a more vulnerable gemstone that is softer and prone to cracking, chipping and other physical damages.  GSA Moissanite Laboratory grows SiC boules to the standards of the sophisticated tech industry that demands pure, high-quality substrates that are rigid, high density and top caliber. Our high standards of growing SiC boules will give you the confidence and assurance of an heirloom quality gemstone that can be passed down from generation to generation with the hardness that is only second to diamond.

Are GSA Moissanite graded by GRA?

GRA is not a gemstone laboratory. There is no GRA facility that inspects any of the Moissanite that comes with this certificate. GRA certificates are pre-printed and usually sent with authenticity cards that trading companies from China purchase complete with control numbers. These numbers are occassionally laser etched on the Moissanite's girdle, but most commonly printed on a small sticker and attached to the reclosable bag where the stone is packaged. The control numbers are in a database and will be recognized in one of GRA's websites when checked.  There are several versions of GRA websites and the web link where the control number you received is registered will be provided to you by the company you purchased the Moissanite from. This control number will not be recognized in any other GRA websites as there are several printing companies that provide these certificates and each have their own GRA website and one is not connected to the other.

So are Moissanites with GRA certificates fake?


No, the Moissanite you bought is not necessarily fake, but the information on the certificate are most definitely false. If you bought a GRA Moissanite and would like to get it graded and certified, you may want to send your stone to reputable gemstone laboratories. While GIA does not assign clarity grade on Moissanite, they can still issue a grading report based on its other characteristics such as color, carat weight and cut.  PGGL, a laboratory based in Philadelphia, is the company we use to grade our stones and one of the pioneering gem laboratory that inspects and grades Moissanites. 


Moissanite, the world's most magnificent gemstone, was born to answer the need for a more affordable diamond alternative.  A gemstone that comes at a much better price  point and optical qualities more than any diamond grade and incredible durability that surpasses emerald, rubies and sapphires without the negative environmental and socioeconomic impact of a mined gemstone.  With its optimal light performance and phenomenal brilliance, it is even a better choice than a lab-made diamond. GSA Moissanites are grown in our company-owned and controlled state-of-the-art laboratory, consisting of pure silicon carbide.  The manufacture of GSA Moissanite stones uses a revolutionary technique that guarantees unparalleled fire and luster.  Clearly, the affordability of our Moissanite stones is only surpassed by its beauty. 

Blinding Diamonds

Moissanite has become more and more popular in recent years due to the consumers' shift in their spending habits.  Considering that Millenials' preference for sustainable and environmentally friendly products,  we have focused our efforts to support jewelers all across the world who wish to adapt to this market shift by offering our conflict-free and socially responsible Moissanite.

asscher cut.png

Spectacularly Gray

Our signature Gray Moissanite

sparkles like no other

oval blue2.png

Midnight Blue

Deep blue Moissanite simulates

Blue Sapphires

The optical qualities of GSA Moissanite will take your breath away.  Our stones are all masterfully hand-cut and hand-polished to bring out its best light performance. GSA Moissanite stones are available in custom shapes,  sizes and cuts, including fancy and irregular cuts.  Moissanite is truly the gemstone of the future.


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