Give more value to your clients with this premium grade near colorless GHI/VVS1 to VVS2 loose Moissanite stone. Without the use of a special optical tool or a DEF Moissanite stone to compare it side by side with, people cannot tell the difference between our premium DEF colorless and premium near colorless GHI Moissanite stones. When light hits the GHI grade Moissanite, the stone emits a slight warmer hue instead of bright sharp light from DEF premium stones. This is the only difference between the two grades and of course the price! GHI is 30% less in price per carat compared to DEF grade stones.


Available in 1mm to 25mm in diameter.  Set up a wholesale account today by emailing us at

Premium GHI/VVS1 Near Colorless Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite L